This is What Democracy Looks Like

YouTuber Vinay Pulim posted this time-lapse aerial view from 6th Avenue and 29th Street of the MillionsMarchNYC march in New York on December 13th, which was estimated at over 25,000 people (organizers say it was twice as many). Citizens took to the streets in this peaceful demonstration following the   grand jury decision not to indict an NYPD officer in the death of Eric Garner.

This type of solidarity is one of the things I miss most about New York.

I Heart Impossible Magnets

Here are some animated gif versions of actual magnets created by Portuguese artists of places you may want to – but can never – visit.

From The Inspiration Grid:

“Impossible Magnets” is a collection of “souvenirs from places you’ll never visit”, created by Portuguese art director Miguel Sousa in collaboration with Sara EnríquezMartín Feijoó and Snack Studio.

“A series of magnets inspired by places we have been to only in movies, books, comics, videogames, mythology and even cartoons, so that everyone can have a souvenir from the places we’ve all visited, at least in our imagination.”

You can buy the magnets here.

Vote Early…Vote Often!

To celebrate Election Day – here are some screen shots of an amazing interactive infographic chronicling the history of Women’s Political Rights Around the World.  Made by Lizzie Malcom, you can visit the complete, interactive visualization here:

Get out the vote! Mari


Women's Political Rights 1892


Women's Political Rights 1920


Women's Political Rights 1945



Women's Political Rights 2013



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