I Heart Impossible Magnets

Here are some animated gif versions of actual magnets created by Portuguese artists of places you may want to – but can never – visit.

From The Inspiration Grid:

“Impossible Magnets” is a collection of “souvenirs from places you’ll never visit”, created by Portuguese art director Miguel Sousa in collaboration with Sara EnríquezMartín Feijoó and Snack Studio.

“A series of magnets inspired by places we have been to only in movies, books, comics, videogames, mythology and even cartoons, so that everyone can have a souvenir from the places we’ve all visited, at least in our imagination.”

You can buy the magnets here.

Vote Early…Vote Often!

To celebrate Election Day – here are some screen shots of an amazing interactive infographic chronicling the history of Women’s Political Rights Around the World.  Made by Lizzie Malcom, you can visit the complete, interactive visualization here: http://lizziemalcolm.com/777voting/940/.

Get out the vote! Mari


Women's Political Rights 1892


Women's Political Rights 1920


Women's Political Rights 1945



Women's Political Rights 2013


I Heart JR

From the Women are Heroes Project in Kibera Slum, Kenya.

JR is a French street artist best known for his large-scale photographic portraits that he prints and then posts in public spaces often in developing countries or in areas of conflict. From his website bio:

JR creates “Pervasive Art” that spreads uninvited on the buildings of the slums around Paris, on the walls in the Middle-East, on the broken bridges in Africa or the favelas in Brazil. People who often live with the bare minimum discover something absolutely unnecessary. And they don’t just see it, they make it. Some elderly women become models for a day; some kids turn artists for a week. In that Art scene, there is no stage to separate the actors from the spectators.

While in Ecuador, I signed up the youth foundation to participate in the JR-led participatory art project, Inside OutInside Out came about as a result of JR winning the 2011 TED Prize. His wish was to, “Turn the world inside out,” by encouraging each of us to document our lives and post the images for the public to see. Although it never worked out to participate in the project in Ecuador, I am still a huge fan of JR and of the Inside Out Project. See the video of JR’s TED wish below and check out more about Inside Out at the project website.

JR’s latest project is “UNFRAMED Ellis Island,” where he has placed archival images into abandoned spaces on Ellis Island to bring the past alive. In particular, he was given access to the hospital located on the south side of the island. Immigrants who were found to be ill on arrival were sent to the hospital for tests and treatment. According to the New York Times article about this project, 1.2 million people passed through the hospital before it was closed in the 1930s. As you can see in the incredible images below, JR tells the stories of these immigrants with dignity and beauty.

The hospital has been opened once again to show off these remarkable installations and tours started October 1st. I wish I had known when I was visiting NYC a couple of weeks ago – I would have been the first in line!

Read the full text of the New York Times article about this project and visit www.saveellisisland.org for more on the tours.


Thanks to the hard work of my talented husband, my new portfolio site is done! Check out what his programming skills combined with my photography and design skills look like.

Click on an image or visit: www.marisacatalinacasey.com directly.

Enjoy, Mari





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