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The Day the Earth Stood Still

Brook Looking Up

This time last year, almost to the minute, I was looking into the face of our daughter for the first time. Although I had been in labor for almost two days, I was surprised by how quickly it all happened in the end. They lay her on my chest and she was so soft and warm and clean and new. I think I cried. I think I smiled. More than anything, I remember how right it all felt. How I already knew this little person. She had been a part of me and was now a part of me out in the world.

I guess that’s how other mothers feel about their children and why it must be so painful when they grow up and leave. It’s like a part of you is missing – walking around out there in the world.

Until then, I’ll enjoy the time we have together. I feel so grateful to have this kind, curious, intelligent, funny, and strong little lady in my life.

Happy First Birthday, Brooklyn!

I love you.


Dave Isay’s TED Wish

The Girl Who Stood Up

Malala from HuffPost

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Brooklyn is 11 Months!

11 Months Old

Brooklyn is 5/6ths!

10 Months Old

Martin Luther King, Jr. at UCLA

Every year on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Paul and I listen to his words and remember his incredible legacy of peace and justice. The other day on NPR I heard about a new recording of an MLK, Jr. speech that was recently discovered in a UCLA storage room. See the video above to hear the speech and read more about finding this long-lost speech on the PBS Newshour website here.

I look forward to introducing Brook to MLK, Jr.’s work and words starting with this speech. This year, his words resonate even more profoundly in light of Ferguson and Eric Garner. In a year full of bad news – a recent piece of good news – the American Dialect Society decided on the Word of the Year: #blacklivesmatter. Read more about the process in the NYTimes here.

Peace, Mari


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