Check out these two projects I made yesterday. The first is a scarf I made with yarn from Hobby Lobby that has a huge sale before and after the holidays. Then, I started a new series of butterflies I want to make out of all different materials. This one is hand stitched with fabric I had at Starting Artists and stuffed with batting my mother-in-law Susie gave me. She had this great idea to add some wired ribbon we had from wrapping presents on the inside to make sure the wings stay up. I’m a little rusty with my crochet stitches but it’s a start!

I’m hoping to display a whole series of butterflies in the VW Camper we hope to buy and cruise around in this spring. We haven’t found the right one yet but the photo above gives you an idea of what we’re looking for! We found the photo from a blog entry by a couple who took their VW Westfalia on a road trip and have great hints for how to make it the best adventure ever.

Read the article here.

Happy crafting & traveling, Mari


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