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On this most auspicious day, 1.11.11, I thought I’d take some time to look at the year ahead. This year proves to be one of new beginnings and of extensive travel for me and Paul.

On the horizon…


I have been invited as part of the Transatlantic Network 2020 (TN2020) to Paris, France for a Workshop on Cultural Rights. Facilitated by the British Council, TN2020 brings together young leaders from North America and Europe to take collaborative action on social issues. I’m thrilled to explore and to be inspired by one of the world’s most influential cities for the arts & culture while learning how the sector can help address pressing social issues. Paul will join me at the end of the workshop in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style.


I have always wanted to volunteer at my orphanage, CRAN, in Colombia and now’s my chance. Together, Paul and I will be able to experience this incredible opportunity to give back to a place that has given so much to me and to my family. We will also travel around the country appreciating local culture and brushing up on our Spanish.

Road Trip USA/Spring/Summer

What gap year would be complete without a road trip across the States? While each of us has made independent cross country road trips, this time we’ll be enjoying it together and in a VW Camper! We’re excited to connect with friends from all corners of this great country, please email us if you’d like to become an official stop on the Paul & Mari Adventure Trail. We plan to hit the road from May – July.

Peace Corps Placement/Central/South America/August

Guatemala? Panama? Colombia? Mexico? We don’t know yet but we’ll let you know when we do…

Wish & Will for 2011

At Camp Vega, where I spent 8 summers as a camper and 1 summer as a counselor, it was a tradition to create a wish and a will at the end of the summer to bequeath upon the next inhabitants of each cabin. In this great Vega tradition, I give you my wish and will for 2011.

I wish…

that 2011 is full of surprises, laughter, learning, connecting, and peace.

I will…

2011 the same postivity, energy, creativity, and opportunities to celebrate as 2010.

Here’s to a very happy & healthy 2011!


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