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The Interrupters

This film, premiering at Sundance, profiles the incredible work of Cease Fire a Chicago-based nonprofit organization helping to end gun violence. Cease Fire takes a strategic public health approach to violence prevention, an approach pioneered by the agency’s founder Dr. Gary Slutkin. An epidemiologist, Dr. Slutkin founded Cease Fire in 1995 after working globally in areas such as Uganda helping to turn the tide on the AIDS epidemic in that country. He brings a scientific approach to social issues that is creating real change.

I met Dr. Slutkin and some of the incredible changemakers at Cease Fire during the Transatlantic Network 2020’s Chicago conference in July 2010. I was one of the lucky participants who spent a few days learning from the Cease Fire staff. I was especially impressed with the work of the interrupters, who are the first line of defense in the war against gun violence.

The Interrupters movie portrays the incredible work that these folks do on the front lines. I highly recommend seeing this movie or donating to this worthy cause.

Keep it up Cease Fire! Mari

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