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A Few of My Favorite Things

Here’s what I’m lovin’ these days:

In no particular order…

Black Boots

My sister gave me a pair of black knee high boots that I’ve been wearing a lot these days. Thanks **Sarah**! I’ve been searching for a replacement ever since my old black boots that I loved wore out last year. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a pair of black knee high boots that I wear pretty much from the autumnal equinox to the vernal equinox.


I pretty much LOVE every single thing for sale on Photojojo’s website. From the Camera Lens Bracelets to the Photoshop Fridge Magnets it’s the perfect place to buy gifts for the photo geek in your life (hint hint).


I don’t know what I did without an iPhone and now I don’t know what I ever did before my favorite app on my iPhone: Instagram. Perfect for camouflaging¬† low-light situations and adding spice to an otherwise dull camera phone image, Instagram allows you to add filters to your images that conjure up the early days of sepia to the muted tones of the 70s to the super saturation produced by Lomo cameras (although I could never get my real Lomo images to come out that well).


Speaking of iPhone apps, this one is a popular one: Scrabble. I hadn’t played the game in years (I’m a Boggle girl) but after playing with **Katherine** and **Jeremy** I”m hooked! I’m told you can also play against friends on a little website called Facebook but I haven’t gotten the courage to do that quite yet. I’m just getting back into the game so I’m using the app’s brilliant “teacher” function that shows me what word I could have created verses the one that I actually did. Nothing beats the thrill of matching or even besting the teacher’s suggestion!

Tiny Furniture

Follow Aura as she goes through a quarter life crises waltzing through gorgeous New York apartments in her underwear, falling for the wrong guys, and generally making bad decisions. You may want to slap every other character in this film but I think that’s the point. Written, directed, and starring Lena Dunham, Tiny Furniture doesn’t look or feel like your average coming-of-age film and thank goodness it isn’t.


I’ve always loved butterflies and they hold an even more special place in my heart after I was nicknamed Mari Mariposa (butterfly in Spanish) by some kids in Nicaragua. Interestingly, one of my favorite authors Vladimir Nabokov, was actually an ardent collector and researcher of butterflies. I had always known this was his hobby but I never knew that he was actually a lepidopterist who made some incredible findings way back in 1945. Listen to this NPR Segment about his theories of the Asian butterfly in South America.


It’s amazing how often I use my origami skills. Whether it’s turning a sugar packet into a crane or a gum wrapper into a bracelet, this ancient art form never gets old.


So loving books is nothing new but I’ve come to a greater appreciation of the many forms of the written word since: A. I started another Freebird Writing Workshop and I’m back to writing, B. I have more time to read, C. I’m attending the Emerging Leaders of New York Arts Book Club, and D. I’ve downloaded new books onto our Nook (thanks **Sonia**) and to my iPhone.


There is nothing quite so indulgent than thumbing through a glossy magazine. Whether it is while sunbathing, getting a pedicure, or during a long hot bath it’s one of life’s simpler pleasures.


Our new favorite store is a dollar store less than a block away from our apartment building. In addition to a surge protector and plastic cups I have found a wide variety of ribbon there to augment my collection from Hobby Lobby.

Nikon D3100

After selling my old DSLR, I replaced it with the new Nikon D3100 as a holiday present to myself. With 14 megapixels and video capabilities I’m hooked!

Moleskine Notebooks

Simple, elegant, useful. I use the small, hardcover reporter’s notebook for making lists and recording observations. I use the larger Cahier notebooks for taking notes in my Econ, Spanish, and Writing classes. I like looking through old notebooks to see what homework assignments I had back in college or the name and number of some long lost friend.

Black Sharpies

There is nothing more pleasing to me than black ink on a white page. Enough said.

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