Happy 50th Anniversary Peace Corps!


Enjoy this infographic I made to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps!

Peace, Mari

{Click on image to open a larger version.}

Sources: Peace Corps Website Fast Facts, National Archives

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5 responses to “Happy 50th Anniversary Peace Corps!”

  1. Lew says :

    Very well done!

    • Mari says :

      Thanks Lew! I was really inspired-we feel so lucky to join PC during this special year.

      • Lew says :

        Hi Mari,
        Yes, it is truly a special year to enter the Peace Corps. It is especially so for me because I was a senior in high school when President Kennedy signed Executive Order 10924 creating the PC. I wanted to serve back then, but had to go to college. Well, I went to Penn State and then life got in the way – – – marriage, then grad school (UNC-CH), then post grad school (Temple Univ.), and then children. The children are now grown and I can, at last, try to fulfill my life-long goal of serving in the PC. I was nominated last June, received medical clearance last December and I am one of the many nominees currently awaiting an invitation. During the years since the PC began, I have personally met many RPCVs and have learned first-hand about the changes the PC has gone through. I believe that the PC has changed to meet the challenges present all over the world and that it is even more important and more challenging to serve now than ever before.
        I would like to print your infographic for my personal PC file. May I have your approval to share your creativity with others?
        Best wishes to you and Paul!

  2. Mari says :

    What an inspiring story – thanks for sharing! Please feel free to use the infographic for your personal use. Enjoy! Mari

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