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What I’m Lovin’ Right Now

In no particular order…

Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

That’s right – the Peace Corps turns 50 this month and I’ve been involved in celebrating this important milestone through the local New York Regional Office including spending yesterday afternoon painting City Year’s New York offices.


This amazing interactive music application allows you to mix the sounds you hear in your environment with pre-recorded beats. Check out the RJDJ website here.

VW Campers

I’ve got the VW camper fever! We’re trying to find the perfect camper to take across the country this spring, preferably a 1978-9 Westfalia Camper. The Samba website is an excellent place to drool over VW vehicles if you’ve caught the VW camper fever too!


I’m officially obsessed with our pet turtle, **Tripod**, pictured above. We will miss him when we’re traveling and when we serve in the Peace Corps but I’m sure he’ll find a way to live without us (though we are awesome at keeping his tank super clean just the way he likes it!).

Vitamin Water

Anyone who knew me during Grad School at Columbia’s Program in Arts Administration probably remembers me carrying around a bottle of Vitamin Water (the yellow Energy flavor). Well, after a hiatus of 3 years I’m back on the sauce. The dollar store on our corner actually sells it for almost a dollar, which is the cheapest I’ve seen it in NYC. I once sat next to a Vitamin Water evangelist at a friend’s wedding (he worked for the company) and he assured me that although it has a lot of sugar in it, it’s magical good-for-you sugar. So, I’m choosing to believe that.

Hulu & Netflix

I wasn’t sure how I would fare without TV but thanks to Hulu and Netflix I don’t miss the commercials and hundreds of channels with nothing to watch. I have to admit that I have started watching The Bachelor’s latest season and I have caught up with Project Runway. On Netflix we’re finally watching the end of Heroes after we powered through Battlestar Gallactica.


I’ve always loved to experiment with new typefaces and as my students know, I’m a fan of the site:, where you can find amazing dingbats like fonts full of butterflies and cameras. I can’t wait to experiment with more of them!


2011 is our year of travel! We just got back from Paris, France and we’re planning a trip to Bogotá, Colombia this spring and of course our road trip across the U.S. in our VW camper van to be purchased soon. We have yet to hear where we have been invited to serve in the Peace Corps but we’ll be sure to post updates and information when we know it.

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