Archive | March 8, 2011

South African Adventure

I realize now that I never shared photos or videos from our South African Adventure on our blog! In September, I went to Cape Town, South Africa to attend the Lucca Leadership Foundations course there and Paul joined me after my first week and we spent another week exploring Cape Town together.

In Cape Town, we stayed with **Joy** an incredible friend who is the co-founder and director of Ikamva Youth, an NGO empowering youth through education, e-literacy training and career guidance. I met **Joy** in Washington, DC during the YouthActionNet Fellowship we did a few years back, facilitated by the International Youth Foundation and she continues to be a great inspiration to me.

If you ever have the chance to visit South Africa or to attend a Lucca Leadership Foundations course – do it! You won’t be sorry! Peace, Mari & Paul


Lucca Leadership Photos

Paul & Mari Photos


Lucca Leadership Video


South African Adventure Video

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