Archive | March 9, 2011

Style Icon: Lizzie

My former student **Lizzie** and I hung out the other day for lunch, dress perusing, chocolate-covered bacon eating, and movie-watching. We were walking around downtown when we came upon this incredible wall, which reminded me of a similar one in Paris. I asked **Lizzie** to pose for me and I think I have captured her eclectic style including turquoise rings, Monroe piercing, a Union Jack t-shirt (a gift from her friends in England), hand-dyed jeans (they were white and she added the black streaks), green combat boots, checkered hoodie, and vintage glasses. I love the effect of all of the bags she was carrying—how they add even more textures and patterns to the images.

Here’s another photograph in front of an incredible mosaic in the subway station. I think it captures her ethereal beauty.

**Lizzie** reminds me that personal style is also a deeply creative act and inspires me to take risks in my own fashion. I’m actually wearing other colors than black & gray these days! Enjoy, Mari

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