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30 Day Photo Challenge in 6 Days

You may have heard about the 30 Day Photo Challenge on Facebook. Well, I’ve decided to do the 30 days in just 6 different posts on this blog instead of on FB. Enjoy the first 5 images! Mari


A picture of yourself with ten facts

Fact 01: I was born in Bogotá, Colombia
Fact 02: Marisa is not my original name on my birth certificate
Fact 03: 3 is my favorite number, indeed, it is the magic number
Fact 04: I have green eyes
Fact 05: I wish I were a little bit taller
Fact 06: I wish I were a baller {kidding!} I wish I had a photographic memory
Fact 07: Candles, pennies, shooting stars – I always make the same wish
Fact 08: I remember nearly all of the lyrics to the Vega songbook
Fact 09: My favorite color combination is black and white
Fact 10: I am in love


A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

Jena and I met in Carrabassett, the youngest bunk at Camp Vega in 1987. We’ve been close ever since and even went back to be counselors together. ILY Jena!


A picture of the cast of your favorite show


A picture of your night


A picture of your favorite memory

No explanation needed except to say Kristen Leigh Conklin took this awesome image on our wedding day and I added to it.

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