Archive | March 20, 2011

80s Theme Songs

What was I doing in the 1980s? I was growing up and watching a lot of TV. Below I’ve listed some of my favorite 70s/80s TV theme songs. To see all of videos of opening credits, visit my YouTube Playlist. Mari

Welcome Back Kotter

Gilligan’s Island

Greatest American Hero

The Love Boat

The Brady Bunch

Laverne & Shirley


Family Ties

Growing Pains

Diff’rent Strokes


Silver Spoons

Gimme A Break


Who’s the Boss

Punky Brewster

Charles in Charge

Happy Days

Golden Girls

Knight Rider

Digrassi Junior High

Cosby Show (Season 3) and Cosby Show (Season 6-7)

Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Perfect Strangers (Original)

Perfect Strangers (Great Cover)

Mr. Belvedere (Original)

Mr. Belvedere (Great Cover)

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