Archive | March 23, 2011

Watch This Now

I can’t get enough of TED Talks. Watching TED Talks is like going to the most fabulous university in the world where experts from all different areas share knowledge in surprising and exciting ways. Here are some of my favorites related to Arts and Education. Enjoy! Mari

Sarah Kay – spoken word

“I use spoken word to help my students rediscover wonder, to fight their instincts to be cool and unfazed and instead actively pursue being engaged with what goes on around them so that they can reinterpret and create something from it.”


Miwi Matreyek – video performance art


Jose Abreu – music education

“Today we can say that art in Latin American is no longer a monopoly of elites and that it has become a social right, a right for all the people.”


Kiran Bir Sethi – inspiring youth

“Contagious is a good word…laughter is contagious…passion is contagious…inspiration is contagious.”

“When children are inspired not only do they do good, they do well!”

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