New Things I’m Lovin’

Here’s another installment of my favorite things of the moment. Peace, Mari

Billy Berg Socks

I bought these adorable socks for Paul at Urban Outfitters but you can find them other places online. Made by Billy Berg, they come in several different face designs.

Luna Tattoo Concert Ukelele

Another present I bought for Paul – for his birthday – is the Luna Tattoo Concert Uke. Besides looking beautiful, it sounds great, too (not as high as other ukes, which I like). Paul is taking classes and has learned: Rocky Raccoon, This Land is Your Land, Stand By Me, Don’t Worry Be Happy, American Pie, and more. Singing these songs together we’re transforming into full-fledged hippies before your very eyes!

Zoom H4n Digital Recorder

I researched digital recorders for days and finally settled on the affordable Zoom H4n Handy Recorder based on hundreds of positive reviews. We’re hoping to take documenting to the next level with professional sound clips, interview recordings, and who knows, maybe we’ll start recording Paul on the uke! We haven’t used it that much yet since we just got it but it’s been terrific so far.

7 Train Food Crawl Through Queens

More on this to come but it’s been on our “Things to do in NYC before…” list since 2008. Yup, we never got around to taking this incredible adventure until this past weekend. We had a blast exploring Queens and eating our way through the borough enjoying Colombian empanadas, Indian dosas, Thai BBQ Pork Salad, Argentinian Steak, and American Doughnuts!


I can see why Glenn Close earned the Golden Globe and Emmy for her portrayal of Patty Hewes, a ruthless “high-stakes litigator,” in this exceptional series. I would describe Patty as one part Cruella Da Vil, one part Robin Hood, and one part Clarence Darrow. The thing is, you never know what you’re going to get with her – the carrot or the stick. This show is successful, I believe, as a result of excellent writing, interesting plot twists, a stellar cast (also Emmy winners), and inspired visuals (excellent editing, cinematography, direction). It doesn’t hurt that the story lines appear to be  “ripped from the headlines” and that we see the greedy corporate bad guys (and their associates) get punished. Check it out on Netflix or buy the DVDs.


Our roomie, **Arrun,** turned us on to Kale. I’d never really prepared it before but it’s surprisingly satisfying steamed with some lemon juice (sprinkled on after you cook it) and Parmesan cheese.

Catan Online

My name is Marisa and I have a game playing addiction. Seriously. I LOVE playing games! I hadn’t played Settlers of Catan in a while (we were introduced to the board game by **Sarah** and **Dan** and often played with **Matt** and **Kerry** when they lived in NYC). It’s kind of a chore to set up and ideally is played with 3 or more players but now that I have found Catan Online I can play alone! It’s free (a subscription is also available) but heed my warning – you’ll get addicted!

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2 responses to “New Things I’m Lovin’”

  1. Jenni says :

    Oh my goodness, Catan online?!?!?!? I think you just destroyed my last semester GPA!

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