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New York in Film

Alright, so it seems that the theme for this week is New York and how much I’m going to miss it. You can’t fight your subconscious! So, I’ve decided to fully embrace this theme. Of course there are many more movies that are either filmed in NYC or are about New York than I can list here: New York Stories, Sex in the City, Die Hard, The Professional, Once Upon a Time in America, almost all of Spike Lee and Woody Allen’s early work and the list goes on.

I’m highlighting my absolute favorites and you can click on the movie titles to watch trailers and clips on YouTube. Enjoy! Mari


Woody Allen’s classic opening with George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue playing. Could it get any better than this? Although I have qualms about Allen as a person, you really can’t beat his early filmmaking. *Notice the VW van that drives by around 24 seconds!


New York, I Love You

I also recommend Paris, J’taime that follows the same concept: shorts directed by different well known directors all taking place in the same city.


The Godfather

I couldn’t leave this one out! I also liked The Freshman, which is a nod to this original with Matthew Broderick and Marlon Brando.


Radio Days

Another stellar Woody Allen – notice how the trailer starts with the War of the Worlds broadcast! I would have also included Annie Hall but I didn’t want to make this list too Woody Allen heavy.


A Bronx Tale

What a classic. I still think of this movie when I unlock someone else’s door. I once met someone who was an extra in this film when he was a little boy and was still bragging about it at age 25!



The opening scene at the New York Public Library is classic. Who ya gonna call?


How to Succeed in Business…

I just love watching scenes of NYC in other decades. This opening scene has some really beautiful images of 1960s NYC.


West Side Story

Boy, boy, crazy boy! This was filmed and takes place where the Lincoln Center complex is now. Boy have things changed!


Saturday Night Fever

John Travolta plus The Bee Gees equals perfection. Another person I don’t love but whose work I respect…


When Harry Met Sally

How can you forget the gorgeous walks through Central Park in Fall or the famous Diner scene?


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

You gotta love the classic opening scene with Moon River playing in the background.



Despite a tragic re-make, Fame will live forever and so will this “Hot Lunch” scene!


Do The Right Thing

I wish Spike Lee would make more New York centric movies like this one!


Little Manhattan

It’s nice to know that newer movies are paying homage to NYC as well.


I Am Legend

Also a newer movie, I had to throw this one in there because of the Times Square after the fall of mankind scenes.


The Game

A totally under-rated movie. Rent it now!


Wall Street

Oh, Charlie Sheen! We miss you!

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