Yesterday, I woke up early and watched a beautiful sunrise over Brooklyn. I made a breakfast of scrambled eggs, maduros, and rice & beans (leftovers from dinner the night before). Paul went to get the rental car and I finished packing. Paul parked the car in front of the building and we loaded the luggage cart with our possessions. We had been parked in front for no longer than ten minutes but we returned to find a surprising good-bye present from the City of New York. In ten years of living in NYC it was our first and last ticket! We waited to say good-bye to our roommate and shared our last NY bagel. After saying our farewells to Arrun and to our temporary apartment, we headed out of Brooklyn to the Bronx. We arrived at Casita Maria, an arts and education center that hosts the high school exhibition of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. I saw three students: Lily, Duncan & Chloe and admired their artwork in the exhibition. We went to the auditorium and congratulated each student for winning a Gold or Silver Key Award and I received a pin for being the teacher of award-winning students.  Then, we said our farewells and hugged and cried. And I cried a little more. We got back to the car to find a traumatized turtle who had been waiting for us to return. We calmed him down and hit the road again.


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