Scholastic Winners

I remember when I was in high school and I won Gold Keys for my photography and portfolio through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. I wasn’t able to go to my award ceremony but I’ve made it up by seeing my students at theirs. It has been so rewarding the past few years to help my students apply and be recognized for their outstanding artwork. I just wish we could reward more artists and I hope that more middle and high schoolers will apply each year. Here are three of the four SA winners from the award ceremony last week. Lily will also receive her Gold Medal on the stage at Carnegie Hall in a few weeks.

Keep up the amazing work all! xo, Mari


Lily was recognized for three photographs including a diptych that also won a National Gold Medal this year. Lily’s style is documentary and romantic and she often portrays the quieter moments in places usually teeming with life. Lily has also worked in stop motion animation, graphic design, and creative writing.


Chloe was recognized for three photographs. Her nature portraits focus on the beautiful details that surround us. Chloe is an accomplished clothing designer and at SA she has worked in silk-screening, graphic design, and mixed media in addition to exploring a fashion label as her business plan idea.


Duncan photographs anything and everything. This atmospheric image portrays a food truck vendor and illustrates Duncan’s ability to capture light and mood. In past years, Duncan has been recognized by Scholastic for his digital computer art and photography. At SA, Duncan has worked in animation, video, graphic design, silk-screening, and of course photography.


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