You Know You’re in VA When…

Although I am South American it’s become painfully obvious that I’m not from the American South! Here are a few things I’ve learned in less than two weeks of living in Danville, VA (15 minutes from the border with North Carolina).

I Know I’m in Virginia When…

1. Nearly everyone I come into contact with asks, “Are you folks from around here?”

2. There are more country stations than any other kind of music station on the radio.

3.  Fox News is broadcast in public places.

4. The local bank tellers wear jeans.

5. A circular for the Piggly Wiggly arrives on your doorstep.

6. It’s 80 degrees in April.

7. There are more pick-up trucks than SUVs.

8. One of the most popular topics of conversation is what you’re growing in your garden or on your farm.

9. You drive your car to go someplace that is less than two blocks away.

10. There are Civil War Re-enactors camped out across the street from the house.



One response to “You Know You’re in VA When…”

  1. RM says :

    Hey, now that’s not accurate! …for a lot else of Virginia, anyway. (I live in Richmond, and most my family live in northern Virginia, Fairfax and such, which is very different!)

    You might have to check out Richmond. A college town, it is very eclectic and has many of the good things about Southern Hospitality without Fox News. Richmond is pretty liberal, which is funny since it is the previous capitol of the confederacy.

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