Things I’m Lovin’… Virginia Edition

Here are some things that I’m lovin’ these days in Virginia. Enjoy, Mari


I guess March showers bring April flowers down here in Virginia. Everything is in bloom (see a recent post with images of flowers here) and the weather is consistently in the 70s and 80s. What could be better than this?

The Butterfly Garden

As I explained in a recent post we volunteered with the Danville Science Center to put up the butterfly net in preparations for the butterfly release event this Saturday. It should be a lot of fun to see the butterflies enjoying their new home full of flowers and water features and I’m volunteering again – this time to do crafts with kids at the event.

Susie & Steve’s House

We’ve settled into our temporary home at **Steve** and **Susie’s** historic home. Built by the Joplin family of Danville, VA, this house is part of the Danville Historical Society’s Walking Tour and sometimes we’ll be greeted by participants as they walk by.


The Wilson Family’s dog **Lilli** has been enjoying the hustle and bustle in the house. She loves it when we take her to the park and she has been adjusting to sharing the house with us and with **Tripod** our 3-legged turtle.

Charlie the Camper Van

As you can see from our recent posts about Charlie, our new 1978 VW Westfalia camper van, we’re very excited about this addition to our family. We’re getting new cabinets and new upholstery for him from RVTec that should arrive soon from Florida. In addition, we’re looking for new seats and I’m sewing new curtains to make Charlie as comfortable as possible before we set out for our road trip at the end of the month.

Fish Tank

Paul and I watched the movie Fish Tank streaming on Netflix and it left an impression. Directed by Andrea Arnold, this film portrays the life of Mia, a teenager with a chip on her shoulder and a dream to dance her way out of the British suburbs where she is ignored by her mother and flirted with by her mother’s boyfriend. I won’t give anything away (though the film may not exactly be suitable for younger viewers) except to say that the visuals are gorgeous and the plot has some interesting surprises.


Thanks to **Duncan** for suggesting this iPhone app! I’ve written before about how I love Instagram and with Postagram you can take your photos to the next level. First, you need a free Instagram account. Then, you can use the free Postagram application to send a postcard of an Instagram image to a friend anywhere in the world for just 99 cents including postage! This is the perfect way to both document and to share our road trip with friends and family.

Catan for the iPhone

Another obsession of mine that I’ve mentioned before. Well, now there is an iPhone application of Catan that is totally addicting. This is the best iPhone game I’ve ever purchased but is probably only fun for those who have already played another version of the Settlers of Catan.

Warby Parker Glasses

I was told to purchase glasses for the Peace Corps since I might not be living in the ideal place to take care of my contact lenses. So, I bit the bullet and got a new pair of designer glasses from the folks at Warby Parker. They were recently featured in The New York Times for their innovative business model.

Not only do they sell most of their frames through their website and not at retail stores for a mere $95 including prescription lenses, but they also donate a pair of glasses for each pair that is purchased, similar to TOMS Shoes. You can even get 5 pairs of sample glasses to try on at home for free (I did this prior to buying mine) or you can do a virtual try-on through uploading an image to their website.

I’m so impressed with my new glasses (I chose the Miles glasses pictured above in clear plastic) that I’m going to suggest that the Peace Corps partners with them to fulfill any glasses orders they may need for volunteers who need replacements.

VW Camper Cookbook

I bought Paul the Original VW Camper Cookbook for his birthday and now we finally get a chance to try it out. We’ve spent one night camping in the backyard in Charlie the Camper Van and we’re planning some local camping trips in Virginia for this weekend and next week.

Frisbee Golf

It’s been a while since I played Frisbee golf but we’re getting back into it since there is a full course at a local park where we take **Lilli** for walks. Last time we played Paul hit a tree with an old Frisbee we found in the basement and it splintered to pieces on the very first hole. So, we purchased official Ultimate Frisbee discs yesterday and hopefully that will never happen again!

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