Peace Corps Legal Update

Congrats to Paul – the legal hold on his Peace Corps application has been lifted!

This is a good sign not just because it puts us one step closer to knowing where we are going and actually going there but also because it means they are currently reviewing our applications. I checked in with the Placement Office the other day – we have been nominated since September 15, 2010 and haven’t had any updates to our status since November or December. They told me that it could be until June 30, 2011 that our process will be totally complete and in their words that we’ll receive the “final answer.”

As the Peace Corps is fond of saying, we are practicing our patience as best as we can. The next step is to get our medical documents approved and then to get that much-anticipated call from the Placement Office to update them on our resume and to confirm our interest in a formal Invitation. After that, as far as I can tell, we would then receive our Invitation to Serve through the mail (the holy grail!) and that document will tell us officially where we are being placed.

We can’t wait for that packet to arrive! We’ve lived vicariously through others who have received theirs. It brings tears to my eyes watching these strangers move one step closer to their dreams as I know we will very soon. I’ve included two Invitation Videos from YouTube below. Peace, Mari


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