100th Post: A Look at Some Creative Inspiration

One of my favorite things about the World Wide Web is discovering new sources for creative inspiration. As I reflect on the fact that this entry marks the 100th post on this blog, I thought I’d look at some sites that are inspiring me at the moment. I’ve discovered an inter-connected group of creative blogs mainly based in California authored by dynamic and inspirational women. I came across these sites when I was sewing an apron the other day and found Bari J.’s apron tutorial.

I’m so glad I did! I have uncovered a font of inspiration to keep me crafting, writing, photographing, and blogging for months to come. {Click on the blog name to visit each site.}

Enjoy, Mari


Bari J.

I love the down-to-earth sewing tutorials, gorgeous fabrics, and project ideas. This was the first in this series of blogs I visited and from there I found the rest on this list. Yay!


Check out the Sketchbook Stories exploring the artistic process, project ideas, and inspiration from this illustrator and designer.

Family Creativa

Follow this Swedish family in their creative endeavors from designing fairy gardens to the daughter Nora’s photographs. Paul and I want to BE this family. They are incredible and seem to infuse each day with curiosity and wonder.


A collaboration among several talented female artists, wishstudio is: “the place for you to create, share your stories and talents, find togetherness, experience life and joy, and discover your very best self.” I haven’t taken one of their workshops yet but I hope to some day.


I’ve totally thought about doing just this: “GoGoCraft is a full-service eco-conscious mobile crafting workshop providing exciting and accessible make-and-take workshops for all ages.” Maybe we’ll make our way out West so we can participate!

Shutter Sisters

A collaborative photo blog, I appreciate the variety of photographic styles and voices as well as the incredible narratives that often accompany the stellar images.


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4 responses to “100th Post: A Look at Some Creative Inspiration”

  1. Danielle says :

    Congratulations on our hundredth post! All the links you posted are super cute!

    • Mari says :

      Thanks Danielle!

      Glad I’m able to pass along the inspiration…just in the middle of sewing some curtains actually. Take care, Mari

  2. HarveyBar says :

    Hey! Have you found any blogs for great fiction writing? I’m looking for some great independent writer’s blogs.

    Keep the posts a comin!

    Mazel Tov on Charlie!

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