Medically Cleared for the Peace Corps

Yesterday we finally heard that we have both been medically cleared for the Peace Corps. Mari and I are elated after so much waiting and now only have to wait for a call from our Placement Officer. Our biggest concern was that some technicality would hold up our application or we would hear back from the office at the last possible moment – the minimum notice is only 6 weeks before the proposed departure. Our nomination is for a departure in August.

Mari received a voicemail in the morning and quickly called back and left a message. Mari didn’t want me to leave the room in case the medical office called again as they had questions for us both. Our high tech compromise was walkie-talkies so that I could then head out to the back yard to work on Charlie our camper van. Minutes later I hear a squawk on the receiver and a very excited voice, “she’s calling now, back to the house.” The requests were easy to address, one page was missing from the packet and another section was left blank.

For those not familiar with the process it may appear to be a rather small step to pass a medical physical. However, the truth is that many strong candidates get rejected due to relatively minor medical reasons. Much like the legal hold I had on my own application, which was lifted only last week, it was outside my control.

We are happy to finally feel movement after so much waiting! Next step is placement. Keep you posted.



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4 responses to “Medically Cleared for the Peace Corps”

  1. Lew says :

    Congrats! Another hurdle done.
    (BTW – the minimum placement notice is now 8 weeks prior to departure, but you still beat that by a country mile!)

  2. Kimberly says :


  3. Jenni says :

    Congrats! Hopefully us August nominees will hear something soon!

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