New Curtains for Charlie

If you were looking for me last week you could probably find me in the sewing room creating these new curtains for Charlie. I got the fabric from none other than Hobby Lobby and it is outdoor fabric that is fade and water resistant. Woohoo!

My favorite color combination is black & white and Paul picked out the material. I think they look pretty good. Peace, Mari


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3 responses to “New Curtains for Charlie”

  1. Lew says :

    Beautiful! (The curtains)
    Reading your blogs about ‘Charlie’ makes me yearn for a return to the times I enjoyed with my older model VW-Westfalia Campers.
    Best wishes for many miles of fun-filled adventures.

    • Mari says :

      We’re very excited to get one the road! It has also helped to stave off RAS. The cabinets arrived yesterday so we can look forward to a weekend of putting them together and installing them! Photos to follow…Take care, M & P

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