Fixer Upper – Phase 1

Although we love Charlie just the way he is (the Camper Van AND the person), we have been making some changes and improvements to make him just right (the Camper Van NOT the person!). Boy are we sore! Mari & Paul

Here’s a list of what we’ve done so far:

  • New license plates
  • Made new curtains (see earlier post)
  • Ordered new upholstery for the front seats
  • Reversed the pop-up top (it was inside-out!)
  • Dismantled the old cabinets and removed the sink
  • Ripped out the carpeting and bought new carpeting
  • Removed the old backseat and cushions and ordered new ones
  • Removed the old door panels and bought new ones
  • Sent the new door panels to be upholstered
  • Ordered new cabinets with stove and sink
  • Removed all headliners to be replaced
  • Replaced the old radio with a new one
  • Installed a 12V charger on the dash
  • Added a secondary battery

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