Archive | May 2, 2011

Fixer Upper – Phase 2

This weekend we were busy spending time with Paul’s aunt and uncle **Eve** and **Steve** who came to Danville for a visit while also making more progress on Charlie’s renovation. Here’s a look at some more of the work we’ve done. Special thanks to **Susie** and **Steve** who have helped us a lot with Charlie!

The end is in sight – we hit the road to head up North in just a few short days…

Enjoy, Mari & Paul

What we did over the weekend:

  • Installed the new carpeting
  • Built the buddy storage seat
  • Installed the reversed pop-up top
  • Re-insulated the sides of the van walls
  • Covered the insulated walls with Plexiglas
  • Built the kitchen cabinet including cutting holes for sink & stove
  • Built the wardrobe furniture including cutting out a piece from the bottom
  • Applied polyurethane on exposed wooden pieces including headliner
  • Made templates for the bottoms of and shelves for the furniture
  • Installed the headliner over the driver and passenger’s seat
  • Bought storage containers for inside furniture
  • Put up all of the home-made curtains
  • Installed the table swing arm
  • Built side cabinet
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