Fixer Upper – Phase 3

We spent our last week in Virginia working hard to finish Charlie for his maiden voyage. During this last push we had to troubleshoot a faulty stove, a furniture kit that was not made for our van (see photo of Paul’s lack of headroom), a dead battery, and two sets of cushions that needed to be re-made. In the end, though it was hard work we think it was worth it. We love Charlie and so has everyone he has met so far.

Enjoy, Mari & Paul

Our Last Push:

  • Built backseat
  • Re-built backseat
  • Installed both door panels
  • Fitted the new backseat cushions
  • Determined our stove is faulty – to be replaced
  • Picked up and installed newly upholstered seats
  • Susie finished the back cushions and installed
  • Finished sewing stuff sacks and organizers
  • Snapped in the new upstairs cushions
  • Cleaned up Steve’s workshop
  • Finished the electrical work
  • Hooked up the water
  • Packed the van!

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