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Couples at Burning Man

I found these incredible portraits of couples at last year’s Burning Man while on the BM website. A Denver-based professional photographer, R.J. Kern gifted these portraits to the couples they portray as part of his BM experience.

Paul and I have wanted to attend Burning Man for many years now but it’s only this year that we’ve both had enough time, energy, and foresight to be able to plan the excursion out to the Nevada desert at the end of August. Though we will most likely need to drive all day and night to get there in time, we’re hoping that our experience lives up to the stories we’ve heard from friends.

Here is a taste of what you might experience if you attend Burning Man. If you click through to R.J. Kern’s website, be warned that the images do contain {very tasteful} nudity.

We hope that he attends again this year to add his artful touch to the festivities. If we’re lucky maybe we can even sit for him!

Peace, Mari

Niagara Falls

Enjoy this slide show from our journey to Niagara Falls, Canada. Despite being stopped by border patrol (do you think the VW camper van had anything to do with that?) it was a great way to spend an afternoon. Happy camping, Mari

Niagara Falls Moments

Here are some of my favorite memories from visiting the Niagara Falls area {New York and Canada}. Watch for a full slide show of our Niagara Falls adventure coming soon! Enjoy, Mari


Self portrait in front of Niagara Falls


Taking Charlie to the Drive-in movie theatre



Staying at the posh, “Branches of Niagara” campground


Wind Power!

While Paul and I were driving through New York State we were overjoyed to see many windmills/wind turbines in action at various farms dotting the landscape. I hope this is a trend that continues – not only is wind power such a great alternative to fossil fuels, but the turbines themselves are beautiful and otherworldly. Enjoy, Mari



Corning Museum of Glass


After visiting Watkins Glen, we headed over to Corning, New York, home to the Corning Museum of Glass. I visited there when I was younger with my parents and I remember having a good time and learning that glass is made from sand, but that’s about all I recall.

So, it was nice to visit and see the updated facilities (the museum’s architecture pays homage to the material it celebrates), to make our own glass sculptures, and to watch various demonstrations.

If you’re ever in the area I definitely recommend a visit!


Picnic Tomorrow in NYC!

We’re back in Brooklyn for just a few days and would love to see your smiling faces if you’re in the area.

Drop in anytime between 1-5pm for food, fun, and tours of Charlie the Camper Van.

Click on the image above to RSVP.

Bring a drink or food of your choice, friends, and a camera (Charlie is pretty photogenic).

Hope to see you there!
Mari & Paul

Watkins Glen

Paul and I had an AMAZING time at Watkins Glen. Not only did we camp in this beautiful State Park, but we also had the pleasure of visiting the caverns and waterfalls of the Glen. Enjoy a few of my favorite moments from this park. {As always, click on the images to enlarge.}



So Long Ithaca!

Here are the last images from our time in Ithaca {click on photos to enlarge}. We had a blast visiting gorges and waterfalls, the farmer’s market, sleeping & eating at Watermargin, stumbling into the Cornell Reunion, and making new friends.

Next stop: Watkins Glen – a gorgeous State Park with waterfalls and caverns on the way to Corning.

Enjoy, Mari & Paul

Happy Summer Solstice!

We hope you have an incredible summer!

Above is one of my favorite images that I’ve taken so far this season. It combines a bunch of things I love to do in summer: hang out with good friends (that’s **Kerry** lying down), read good books (I finished Little Bee while in Vermont), eat good food (that’s home brewed iced-tea), and hang out on the water (I took this photo while floating on an inner tube in a lake).

Here’s hoping your summer is filled with all of the above.

Peace, Mari

Happy Father’s Day!

We love you Dads!

Hope you each have an excellent day. You should both be receiving packages in the mail. Enjoy the creative inspiration.

Love, Mari & Paul

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