Massachusetts Moments

Paul and I had a lot of fun visiting with friends and family in Massachusetts. Here are some of our favorite Massachusetts Moments. Enjoy, Mari


Charlie the Clown Car

We brought Charlie to a Mother’s Day celebration at **Bonnie** & **Steven’s** house where all of **Sam** and **Talia’s** cousins got a chance to explore the camper. We fit 8 kids in the camper – 4 upstairs, 2 in the backseat, and 2 in the front seats.


Happy Birthday Kerry!

Luckily, our visit in Boston coincided with **Kerry’s** birthday. We celebrated together at **Matt** & **Kerry’s** place with friends and their dog, **Oscar**. Here, we compare the Oscar birthday cake I made against the real thing!


Meeting Benjamin

Although he was a bit tired out from his day, **Swope** & **Dana’s** son **Benjamin** visited with us in their home. Paul had already met him before but it was my first time unless you count before he was born. At our wedding, **Benjamin** was about a month from being born, making him the youngest guest there.


Talia’s Helping Hand

We had a blast playing with **Sam** & **Talia** both at home and in the park. Here, **Talia** gives Paul a helping hand up the incline on her swing set in the backyard.


Sam Conquers

**Sam** had no trouble climbing a statue at a local park. Getting him to pose and smile for the camera was a bit more of a challenge!


Paul’s First Baseball Game

Paul enjoyed his first MLB game in Fenway Park. Though the Red Sox lost to the Cubs that night (when we left in the 7th they were winning!) it was all the more exciting since it was Paul’s first time. The look on his face when David Ortiz hit his 300th home run – PRICELESS!



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