Archive | June 16, 2011

Dilmun Hill Student Farm


This weekend Mari and I volunteered at the Dilmun Hill Student Farm, a farm I used to work at when I was a student. Ten years had passed, but other than a new fence to keep out the deer it had not changed. The same weathered barn stood at the foot of several small fields perched on top of a grassing hill.

We were greeted by the two Market Managers, Isaac and Alex, who greeted us with warm smiles and gave us a tour. We helped harvest arugula, radishes, spinach, and kohlrabi (a purple cabbage that tastes like broccoli) for the farmer’s stand the next day. Later we learned that the old market garden, which we planted when I was a student, had been found to be lead contaminated. (A little worrisome that our organic harvest for years had been contaminated with lead before the University tested the soil.)

As other volunteers joined the group we got to know many of the other students.  When we were leaving I remembered why I had joined the farm in the first place – the people.


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