State Park Surprises


After Niagara Falls, Paul and I drove over to Letchworth State Park, which had been recommended to us by our new friends **Keith** and **June** at the Cornell Reunion. I can see why it is one of their favorite parks! With waterfalls, hiking, ample campsites, and a killer fitness trail, Letchworth even offers hot air balloon rides over the waterfalls at dusk.

If that wasn’t magical enough, Paul and I bumped into a friend from Brooklyn, **Owen**, and his buddies from a dance residency he is attending upstate. We spent a fun afternoon snacking and chatting with them until we noticed a crowd gathering in a clearing. Lo and behold, we had stumbled onto the hot air balloon folks preparing two balloons for flight.

We watched in amazement as they filled two enormous balloons with hot air and then filled the baskets with people. It was the highlight of our day. After giving **Owen** and our new friends a ride in Charlie, it was time to settle in at the campsite, which even had an electric hook-up. {More photos from Letchworth coming soon.}

Happy Camping, Mari




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2 responses to “State Park Surprises”

  1. june says :

    Gorgeous. You guys are having a seriously Idyllic summer.

    • Mari says :

      Thanks June! We LOVED Letchworth and have had a lot of luck with the weather. We are in Martha’s Vineyard now and again have awesome weather. Hope you all have an awesome 4th of July!

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