An Incredible Gift

Some people just have a knack for making or buying the perfect gift. Our friend **Katherine** is one of those people. She made us the most fantastic wedding/anniversary/farewell gift (see above). This painting represents where Paul and I are at this moment – a crossroads between our first year of marriage, leaving NYC, taking our road trip in Charlie, and heading to the Peace Corps this winter.

My favorite parts of this image are the details: Tripod on the dash, the curtains I made for Charlie peeking out of the left side, one of the small buttons we designed for our wedding hanging from the mirror, two of our previous apartment buildings seen through the left window, and the signs that say where we’ve been and where we’re going.

**Katherine** has an amazing eye and expertly represents two of our wedding photos in the mirrors. The best part about this gift is that you can share in Kat’s talent with your own original painting. Below are some examples of other events she has captured in painting (she does weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries). Visit her website here.

Thank you for this incredible gift **Katherine**! You are a super star and we truly appreciate it!

Paul & Mari


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3 responses to “An Incredible Gift”

  1. Shil Rani says :

    That is simply gorgeous!! And so very touching!

  2. Arlene says :

    So wonderful!

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