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Moment of Zen: VIII

Moment of Zen: VII

Moment of Zen: VI

Moment of Zen: V

By the time this post publishes to the web we will be in Black Rock City at Burning Man. We successfully navigated from New York City to Reno, Nevada in Charlie the Camper Van in just one week in order to pick up friends and head to the Playa together.

While we’re out of range of everything enjoy a series of “Moments of Zen.”

We’re looking forward to an incredible week!

Mari & Paul


Hostel in the Forest


Paul and I visited the Hostel in the Forest located just about 1 hour outside of Savannah in Brunswick, Georgia. I had been there just about 10 years ago on another road trip and was excited to go back. It was comforting to see that not much had changed – a few new buildings, improvements to the showers, and composting toilets – but otherwise, the open and inviting community was still going strong.

These days the Hostel is a nonprofit organization run primarily by volunteers with a diverse range of workshops from time-to-time. If you’re ever in the area and you’d like to see what it’s like to sleep in a treehouse, walk a meditative labyrinth, cook and eat meals communally, swim in the warm waters of a lake, or shower outside then check it out!

Tell them Paul & Mari sent you.

Enjoy, Mari

Moment of Zen: IV

Camp Vega Panoramas

Enjoy these panoramic images from Camp Vega. As always, click on the image to enlarge. Mari


Lower Landsports Field


The Dining Hall


Junior Bunks

Atlanta’s Riches

We had a splendid time in Atlanta, Georgia visiting with friends. First stop was staying with the Rich Family: **Sarah**, **Dan**, **Emma**, and newborn baby **Will**.

In addition to showing the whole fam Charlie the Camper Van, we had fun playing (tea party was our favorite), cooking (we made fish and Chana Masala), and just hanging out. Enjoy some pics from our stay.

Thanks again for having us Riches!

Mari & Paul

Happy 75th Camp Vega!

I just got back from the Camp Vega reunion celebrating the 75th anniversary of my summer home. I had an incredible time as evidenced by my sore muscles and nonexistent voice. Thanks to super star campers **Jena**, **Jenny**, **Suzy**, **Brooke**, **Ale**, and **Abby** for making it a special time to remember. You Vega girls are the reason I went back for 8 summers as a camper and then returned to be a counselor.

Now we’re off to the West Coast. Keep checking back here for images and videos from an incredible 3 days in Maine.

Happy Camping! Mari

Bicycle Pumps, Free Art and Fork Lift Racing

I arrived in Washington, DC on Sunday and I am staying with my best friend from college, Frankie, and his wife Jess. With Mari on her own adventure in Maine, Frankie and I set out together on our own. Frankie is pursuing his MBA at the University of Maryland and has a one-week break before school starts this fall. It has been a busy week. So far this week we:

  • Constructed a bicycle water pump at the Calleva farm where Frankie worked over the summer. Our goal was to draw water out of two rain cisterns¬† to an organic farm up a small hill 50 meters away. We created a brace for an old bicycle frame from wood and then disassembled a centrifugal water pump and mounted it against the rear tire. After setting it up we realized that the design still needed some tweaking as the pump needed to be mounted below the reservoir’s water level. Back to the drawing board!

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