Archive | August 17, 2011

Eager Vega Camper

So, today I’m headed up to a reunion at Camp Vega, a place where I spent 8 summers as a camper and 1 summer as a counselor. I’m traveling to Maine by car with my dear friend **Jena** and we’re picking up rock star **Jenny** along the way. We attended Camp Vega as campers for the same amount of time and **Jena** and I enjoyed a summer together as counselors. She even went back for another summer as a counselor!

Camp Vega colors are green and white and although it would have been perfect to have Charlie the Camper Van at Vega since he’d fit right in, Paul is spending some quality time with our good friends **Frankie** and **Jess** in Washington, DC. while I’m up in Maine.

A few years ago we had the first reunion ever at Camp Vega and I made a video about the experience. I’m re-posting it above so you can see what it was like last time. **Jena** is also a superstar shutterbug so expect tons of fun photos from this time around too.

Enjoy, Mari

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