Bicycle Pumps, Free Art and Fork Lift Racing

I arrived in Washington, DC on Sunday and I am staying with my best friend from college, Frankie, and his wife Jess. With Mari on her own adventure in Maine, Frankie and I set out together on our own. Frankie is pursuing his MBA at the University of Maryland and has a one-week break before school starts this fall. It has been a busy week. So far this week we:

  • Constructed a bicycle water pump at the Calleva farm where Frankie worked over the summer. Our goal was to draw water out of two rain cisterns  to an organic farm up a small hill 50 meters away. We created a brace for an old bicycle frame from wood and then disassembled a centrifugal water pump and mounted it against the rear tire. After setting it up we realized that the design still needed some tweaking as the pump needed to be mounted below the reservoir’s water level. Back to the drawing board!

    • Set up easels in Columbia Heights and started drawing free portraits. With a 60 second pose we drew a crowd that was amazed that they could take home a quick sketch for free. It was great to practice too as I don’t remember the last time I actually completed a portrait.

Paul’s Masterpieces

Frankie’s Masterpieces

  • Participated in a Skid Loader competition at the County Fair. This annual event was the inspiration for Free Range Diggers, Frankie’s next start-up company. Here participants raced Fork Lifts around an obstacle course and completed various feats.
  • And that’s not all, we made sushi with Jess after a trip to the community pool. This was so much fun.


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