One City One Story

Today I will be attending the Boston Book Festival with my dear friend **Kerry**. In addition to attending a panel about YA Fiction (some of you may already know that I’m working on my own YA novel at the moment), **Kerry** and I will be attending the One City One Story discussion with Boston-based author Richard Russo.

The One City One Story event is based on the nonprofit organization, One Story, that publishes one story per publication encouraging a deep, critical reading of just one work at a time.

This year’s story, The Whore’s Child, can be downloaded HERE for free and will be distributed to hundreds of thousands of readers as a way to “create community around the shared reading experience.” Best known for his novels, Nobody’s Fool and Empire Falls (both which have become movies), Richard Russo will be on hand at the Boston Book Festival to speak about his piece in a town-hall style discussion this afternoon.

Now that I’ve read The Whore’s Child, I’m looking forward to participating in an analysis of this thought-provoking narrative that touches on themes of religion, the subjugation of women, and the role of writing in making sense of one’s life.

Happy Reading!



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