I Heart This Video


Thanks to **Justice** for telling me about this incredible music video from Kina Grannis, “In Your Arms.” We loved stop motion animation at Starting Artists and this is an excellent example of how much you can do with it! This reminds me of a photograph we did for the AmFAR Where’s the Cure project where we spelled out “Where’s the Cure” in Skittles.

Enjoy the “Making Of” below! Mari



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2 responses to “I Heart This Video”

  1. Mary says :

    It’s so exciting to see this video everywhere recently. De-lurking to proudly say one of my sorority sisters help with it! By the way, love the blog. I was a VW Bus for Halloween (a costume I made myself) and I actually thought about this blog while putting it on! (Fellow VW lover here)

    • Mari says :

      Thanks Mary! That’s amazing that you know someone who worked on it. In the Making Of they talk about how many amazing people donated their time and talent. Amazing! Do you have any pics of your costume? Sounds incredible – we were thinking that if my husband and I had been in the same place and with Charlie the Camper Van – we could have done a whole Scooby Doo Halloween costume. I guess I could have been Daphne, Velma, or even Scooby! Anyway, looks like you’re on a great trip (checked out your blog) and you have your own Peace Corps Adventure awaiting you. Best of luck! Mari

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