DIY Ideas: Peace Corps Home

Paul and I are homebodies. We love to have friends over to hang out, eat a meal, share a story. So, as we think about what our life will be like in Ecuador, we’ve been collecting some interesting inspiration for DIY projects to decorate our Peace Corps home. Here are some ideas to make a stylish home on a tiny budget. We’ve included the links to where we found the item and if we attempt to make any of these projects we’ll keep this blog posted.

Enjoy, Mari & Paul


Magentic Pallet Chair

Uncommon Goods sells this resourceful chair, which can be stored flat while being held together with magnets. The simple design looks pretty easy to recreate as scrap wood and pallets may be available wherever we are placed in Ecuador.


Sling Back Leaning Deck Chair

Designed by Bernhard Burkard, this chair requires only a few materials to communicate a modern and utilitarian style. Don’t forget the rubber supports on the bottom of the chair!


Chalkboard Map

ReCraft sells this as a set of stickers but you could also make it by outlining a map on a wall and either painting it in with chalkboard paint (we used a lot of chalkboard paint at Starting Artists!) or with regular black paint to make a silhouette statement.


Grandfather Clock Wall Decal

Speaking of silhouettes…we saw the above image in a summer issue of ReadyMade Magazine but it can be purchased from Blik (along with tons of other silhouette wall decals) or another version can be found at Glorious Wall Stickers (a UK company). Either design can easily be transferred to a wall with paint but if you can’t make that kind of commitment then the wall decals are your best bet.


Hanging Closet

Also from ReadyMade, this closet can be adapted to any size wall area or ceiling height. All you need is a wooden rod, rope, and hanging hardware & tools. Not too shabby!


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6 responses to “DIY Ideas: Peace Corps Home”

  1. Lauren says :

    You should check out Pintrest for more ideas and to keep track of your own! 🙂

  2. Duncan Mc says :

    The chair is such a neat and simple idea – I wonder how comfy it is though… And the hanging closet looks cool too – I like how it looks like it’s floating (or at least in the picture it does). Hope you and Paul are having fun and doing well!

    • Mari says :

      Thanks Dunc! How is the semester going for you? Excited for the holidays? We’re in Virginia getting ready for our big adventure. Hope all is well!

  3. zain says :

    I am convinced that if, in the future, our country is to meet the unparalleled opportunity to win friends and advance the cause of peace and freedom, thousands of additional Americans will have to step forward and say..


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