DIY Projects: Holiday Decorating

Gingerbread Geodome

This modern take on the gingerbread house comes from MAKE and Scout Regalia. Check out the MAKE website for the full video tutorial.


Crochet Lights

These adorable crochet lights come from CRAFT and Balls and Skeins. I may try to make these in order to improve my crochet skills. Or, I may just marvel at this cute photo and call it a day.


Design a Snow Globe

This whimsical idea comes from Country Living. You can find the snow globe kit at and luckily they sell them in pairs so you could actually give one as a gift and keep the other for yourself as a seasonal decoration!

Magazine Wreath

Childhood 101 has this easy wreath project. A great project to do with the kids, all you need is a piece of cardboard, magazine clippings, a stapler, and your imagination.


Gum Drop Pops

Another simple project, these edible pops are good enough to eat or to display. Martha Stewart’s website shows a full tutorial.


Junk Mail Snow Flakes

I love projects that use junk mail! This one is from CRAFT and Michele Made Me.


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