DIY Projects: Gifts for Makers

Paper Doll Kit

I LOVE this idea from Lisa at Grey Luster Girl. Not only is it clever, it’s obviously made with love. This idea brings together two of my favorite gift ideas: something handmade and a project to do together.


Craft Kit

If you don’t have anyone to give paper dolls to, consider another kind of craft kit you can put together and design yourself. You could even re-purpose old mint tins or cigar boxes to hold your crafty tools and supplies. Another take on this idea is a project-specific tool kit. Always hanging pictures? Put together everything you’ll need for that project together in a photo box. The applications of this idea are endless!


Roll Up Pencil Case

Inspired by our friend **Marianela** whose mother made these for her daughter’s birthday party, I made a version of this pencil case last year. Martha Stewart has this specific tutorial but do a quick web search and you’ll find dozens of diverse variations.


Photo Transfer Tote

People who make things often have a lot of stuff to tote around: supplies, inspirational books, magazines, and tools. What better way to celebrate the maker in your life than with a tote bag you personalize with a photo. This tutorial is from Martha Stewart and can be adapted for any number of gifts made of fabric from t-shirts to sunglasses cases.


Crafter’s Apron

You might remember this adorable apron from my post about Bari J. and her Keeping it Real Sewing Series. I made it last April when we were fixing up Charlie the Camper van and it came in handy to keep all of my tools and supplies on hand.


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