DIY Projects: Holiday Wrapping

Melted Wax Paper

Country Living has this gorgeous project on their website. All you need are crayon shavings, tissue paper, and an iron. I’m definitely going to try this one!


Vintage Games Wrapping

Another one from the folks at Country Living. I love the look of vintage games and I’m all for re-purposing items to serve as gift wrap. I’ve been known to use NYC Subway Maps, magazines, newspaper, and other maps to wrap my gifts.


Shirt Off Your Back Wrapping

Country Living has another great idea up its sleeve with this innovative idea. Not only does this make adorable wrapping, it also serves as a gift in and of itself. Brilliant!


Cookie Gift Tags

This inspiration comes from Martha Stewart. I love that these gift tags are cute and also edible! You could even make a special treat for your pet or to ensure freshness of the cookies for human consumption, add a translucent bag over the cookie and then tie it to the ribbon.


Monogram Gift Tags

Leave it to Martha Stewart to create a simple yet elegant solution for gift tags. Not only are they adorable but they are easy to make, too. Consider using one initial on one side of the package for the TO and another on the reverse for the FROM.


Button Wrapping & Gift Tags

Thanks again Martha! All you need for this wrapping paper is a piece of cork (a great excuse to open a bottle of wine), buttons, and a stamp pad or other ink. Affix the button to the cork and it becomes a stamp. Then, when you’re done stamping, you can wash your original buttons and use them to decorate gift tags.


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2 responses to “DIY Projects: Holiday Wrapping”

  1. Kendyll Nicole says :

    I love this post! Great roundup of holiday wrapping ideas. I really want to do the cookie one and the “shirt off your back” one. Thanks (:

    • Mari says :

      Thanks Kendyll! I love the icebox cookies you recently showed on your blog. Looks like you’re a girl after my own heart! Take care, Mari

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