Flights Booked for Staging in Dallas, Texas

For the past few weeks Mari and I have been getting ready for our Peace Corps service. We needed boots and gear and have made the hour trip from Danville to Greensboro several times. We booked our flights the other day and are scheduled to leave on January 17 th for a one-day orientation in Dallas. After that and for the next several months we will be at a training center right outside of Quito in Ecuador. The address where you can send us fan mail is on the column to the right.

To learn Spanish we have been watching a telenovela on Telemundo called Casa de al Lado. After 30 episodes, which translates to 30 hours in front of the computer,  I am beginning to understand most of the dialog. One da,y who knows, I may even have dreams in Spanish. Mari reports to already have started dreaming in Spanish.

On Thursday we got into Needham, MA to help out Sarah and Jon with our new nephew Jack. We are staying in a spare room and between entertaining Sam and Talia we are saying our final goodbyes to the Casey family and to our friends Matt, Kerry, and Charlie. The weather has been mild but cold in comparison to the Virgina winters. After 10 months of traveling, the Peace Corps is beginning to feel very real.

We can’t wait.


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2 responses to “Flights Booked for Staging in Dallas, Texas”

  1. Mark says :

    Paul … there’s quite a contingency of RPCVs from Ecuador (Ombibus 84 mostly; 2000-2002) in the Boston area … if you’re around Needham for a while, drop me a line. I can put you in touch with a few. As for me … my wife’s expecting (due date today!) which limits my availability …. Look forward to following your posts!


    • Mari says :

      Thanks Mark! Too bad we left Needham so quickly. We have family in the area though so keep us posted and we will do the same. Take care, M & P

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