Marisa the Kind by Demetri


My student **Demetri** made this incredible caricature of me. Below he details the symbolism included in the image. I am SO impressed that I thought I’d share the work as a reminder to keep your imagination active and to express your creativity each and every day. Thanks again Demetri! Mari (the Kind)


Marisa the Kind

A. Symbolism

Well. There is a lot here, isn’t there? Let’s start from the top down, then. I’ve given you a pair of sunglasses, because A) they look superlatively fancy, and B) I couldn’t draw your eyes. The sack you carry on your back contains a bedroll, which can be unfolded and slept in anywhere; this shows your versatility and openness to new things. Your attire, a slightly revealing dress which has been modified into what resembles a Mage’s garb, symbolizes your modesty despite the matter of your beauty. You carry a shield; this symbolizes the fact that arm-shields are bloody wonderful. The markings on said shield, however, bring to mind peaceful and natural themes, which are more “you” anyway. The pouches at your waist were supposed to resemble coinpurses, in which money and other trinkets could be stored; this represents your charity in that I could think of no other way to express your charity. You carry a healer’s staff, which represents your perpetual joviality and funniness. Finally, as you may have guessed, (although I can see why you wouldn’t have) the beast behind you is Charlie the Camper Van, incarnated in an animal form. I just felt he’d go nicely here.

B. Classification

This was very fun to draw, might I add. Anyway, I’d say that your character represents the Mage class better than any other. Not only do you have Beast-Charlie (for lack of a better name- perhaps you can suggest one?) to ride around on, which would lend unto you an air of supernormality, but your versatility and ability to always keep things happy and exciting is little short of magical. (I had to go in for that pun- I don’t like it much either.)


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One response to “Marisa the Kind by Demetri”

  1. Demetri says :

    Yay! It’s here!

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