Sifting Through Old Photos

As we prepare for departure, we’ve been looking through old photos to scan them, reprint them, and to decide which ones are coming with us to Ecuador. Here are a few of my favorite oldies but goodies so far…

Enjoy, Mari


I love this one not only because of the sweet sentiment but also because of the early 80s coloring and slight vignetting around the scene. The personalized Sarah shirt is pretty rad, too. This was taken not long after I joined the Casey fam.


My first snow! I love the outfit from the Strawberry Shortcake hat to the red boots and let’s not forget the mittens with flames coming off of them. I look a little lost but who can blame me – it would be a few years before I was wishing for snow days. This also reminds me of the beginning of 100 Years of Solitude (both my and Paul’s favorite book) when Aureliano Buendía first saw ice.


Granny panties. ‘Nuff said.


My father inspired me to take up photography and you can see why with this one. Beautiful light!


I might be trying out for the Mickey Mouse Club in my mind but my sister and Mom are competing for the biggest 80s sunglasses award.


Yes, this was really my high school senior portrait. I remember the rock was not the most comfortable place to sit. I was too cool to wear shoes and apparently to sit more like a lady. It’s a nice pic of my ACL reconstruction scars! I wish I still had that dress, though…


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