More Old Photos…

I think I’ve shared this image before when I was writing about **Julia** who was like a grandmother to me. This is me in Colombia before I met my family. If you look closely you can see I am holding a school photo of my sister!


This photo was taken on the day I met my adoptive parents. While we can’t find the dress or the doll anymore, I still have the shoes! I am standing in between **Ximena** the Founder/Director of my orphanage and **Claudia** who I think was my foster mom.


I want this sweater in adult size. No, really. I should get someone on Etsy to recreate it for me. I’m in Colombia in this photo.


I was not happy. Why not? I have no idea…maybe it was because my tights were too big or I didn’t want a photo taken but it couldn’t possibly be because I didn’t like the incredible Alice in Wonderland dress.


This is one of my faves because of the pose (love the pointed toes) but also because I think it embodies a youthful freedom.


A Doisneau moment.



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