Fútbol y Football


While my family in Boston was gearing up for the Patriots vs. Ravens game yesterday, Paul and I went to another kind of fútbol game. We attended a game of the local soccer club, El Oriente, which our host mom and brother manage and our other host brother plays for. Unfortunately, the game didn’t result in a win (we lost 4-3) but it was an incredible experience all the same.

We enjoyed the spectacular view of the mountains in the background (the clouds are obscuring them a bit in the panorama above) as well as un plato típico for lunch at the stadium.

Here’s a list of vocabulary words we learned at the game:

Campo de fútbol = soccer field

Futbolista = soccer player

Arquero = goalkeeper

Arco = goal (as in where the goalkeeper stands)

El Tiro Libre = free kick

El Árbitro = referee

Tirar = to shoot

La Liga = the league

El Empate = tie (as in a draw)

La Tarjeta Amarilla = yellow card

La Tarjeta Roja = red card

El Tiro de Esquina = corner kick

El Estadio = stadium

El Penalty = penalty

El Cambio = substitution

El Reserva = substitute


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2 responses to “Fútbol y Football”

  1. thegeeman says :

    If you get a chance go to Brasil. Futebol is great. Eu so Flamenguista. Meu esposa Braisleira.

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