What I’ve Learned So Far…


Now that we are completing our 3rd week of Training I thought it was time to take a look back and see what I have learned so far.

I have learned…

– How to walk with my *back*pack in *front*

– That most places I want to go on the bus cost 25 cents

– To greet everyone automatically according to the time of day, “buenos días, buenas tardes, buenas noches

– To ignore the sounds of barking dogs and roosters crowing

– To enjoy my Malaria medicine dreams

– How to play the card game Cuarenta

– That a popular birthday tradition is to smash a person’s face into the birthday cake

– How to explain the Greenhouse Effect in Spanish (El Efecto Invernadero)

– That the illiteracy rate is only 11% here, which includes mostly elderly folks from the countryside

– To enjoy the times when the internet is working and to forget about it when it isn’t

– How to wake up at 6am and still have enough energy to stay up late with my host brothers

– How to bake and decorate a cake Ecuadorian style

– How to politely refuse more food, a drink, anything unwanted

– That kids are the same here as they are back home

– About the potential health and security threats we may face as Volunteers including Bot Flies, ring worm, Dengue Fever, and petty theft

– Tons of new Spanish words

– The main differences between teaching styles here verses in the USA

– How to give a “Charla


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