We Are the 1 Percent

Drum roll please…Paul and I will be spending the next two years of our lives in: Pucará, Ecuador! Pucará is a  town of between 200-300 people, located a few hours north of Quito making us as a couple 1% of the entire population of the town!

What we have learned about our new home so far:

  • It is located about 2 hours away from the famous market town of Otavalo

  • There is a Spanish language school there started by someone from the US

  • The town is in the middle of a cloud forest

  • It is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!

  • We are not far from the cities of Cotocachi and Ibarra

  • There are zipline tours, hot springs, horseback rides, and hikes nearby

So, that’s all for now! More details as they come…

Take care, Mari & Paul


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2 responses to “We Are the 1 Percent”

  1. Bruce MacKenzie says :

    Can’t wait to see your photos. From what I’ve seen, it is a dramatic place! Congratulations. . . you will be seeing a way of life that is vanishing! Some good photos here: http://journals.worldnomads.com/koleta/photo/6583/174519/Ecuador/Town-of-Apuela-and-mountains-of-Intag

  2. Robin says :

    Hello One Percent, Very Exciting and wow two years.

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