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Site Visit Time!


Today we will meet our Counterpart, with whom we will work for the next two years. This evening, we’ll be driving up to Otavalo with him where we’ll spend the night before departing for Pucará in the morning. We’re told that the mist coming down from the mountains obscures the roads in the afternoon so it’s important to travel to and from our site in the mornings.

The above map is from Pucará: A Guide for Visitors, created by CASA Interamericana. Click here to download or visit their website here.

What we expect to do on the Site Visit:

  • Meet our host family, with whom we’ll be living for at least the first 6 months

  • Talk shop with our Counterpart, including discussing potential projects

  • Create a Community Map of the area for future reference

  • Visit the offices of the language school

  • Meet the Community President

  • Answer tons of questions

  • Do some sightseeing

  • Eat lots of local food

  • Take photos

  • Have fun

Other than that, we hope to speak with as many locals as possible to get a better idea of what the community’s needs are, how they differ from the formal request they made to Peace Corps, and how we might best use our skills to help address those needs.

Not only will we be away from our computers but we’re told that there is no cell phone reception in the town either. So, I’ll be pre-posting some images and such for this week until we can get back to the internet next week when I’m sure I’ll have many more photos and reflections to share.

Have a great week! Mari

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