Omnibus 107 T-Shirt Design


We’ve been talking about printing up a t-shirt for our Training Class here in Ecuador (we’re Omnibus 107) so I decided to create a mock-up of a design. **Nikki** gave me the idea for the map (I think other Omnibuses have featured maps on their shirts) so I tried my hand at drawing Ecuador today with all of its 24 provinces. The final t-shirt would have each trainee’s name in the province of their site and the front would feature a version of the design I made for buttons I handed out during Staging.

We’ll see what the rest of the aspirantes says and then we’ll have to see which shop can print the final design.



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3 responses to “Omnibus 107 T-Shirt Design”

  1. Sarah says :

    Love it Marisa!!! Buen idea!

    • Mari says :

      Thanks Sarah! I think it will look really cool on a white t-shirt with black trim. We’re going to get some quotes and present the idea to the rest of the Training Class. Hasta mañana!

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