Paul and Mar Go To Palmar


Due to circumstances beyond our control we are moving sites. While this surprised and saddened us, we are moving forward and thinking positively about the future.

We are not going to return to Pucará but instead we will be living and working in PALMAR. Palmar is a fishing village of about 10,000 people in the province of Santa Elena on the Ecuadorian coast. It is home to a mangrove forest, a youth group called Neo Juventud, a tourism association, and a community banking program.

Past Peace Corps volunteers in the Youth and Families Program have served in Palmar establishing several small businesses from an internet café to a bakery. I will be working in business advising and Mari will be working in HIV/AIDS and environmental education. We will know more details later this week about our counterpart organization and will be headed to our new home in Palmar on April 5th.

Mari and I are excited to:

  • Sit on the beach and watch the sun set
  • Meet our new host family and counterpart organization
  • Eat fish and yucca
  • Make new friends
  • Go kyaking through the mangrove forest
  • Unpack and make a new home
  • Visit one of the two restaurants in town
  • Eat oysters

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2 responses to “Paul and Mar Go To Palmar”

  1. clarecuador says :

    Clare is excited to visit you guys in your new, perfectly named site! You will create a beautiful home there, I know, and I can’t wait to make the MUCH shorter bus ride to see you.

    • Mari says :

      Are you talking about yourself in the third person, Clarecuador? You are too cute. We’re making up the guest room for you in our heads already…xo

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